When Sage Tyrtle talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word.” – Toronto Star

Moth GrandSLAM Winner

Sage Tyrtle wins the Eastern Moth GrandSLAM.

Creative Pulse Podcast

Sage Tyrtle is featured on the Creative Pulse podcast. Click here to listen.

Stories From The Stage

Stories from the Stage illustrates the power of real stories told by masterful storytellers. Produced by World Channel in collaboration with WGBH. Sage Tyrtle was one of the featured storytellers on this television show.

Moth StorySlam

Sage Tyrtle won the Moth StorySlam. (As of September 29, 2020: four times!)

CBC Radio’s Here and Now

Sage Tyrtle told a true personal story on CBC Radio’s Here and Now. You can listen by: clicking here.

Now Magazine: How a Storytelling Course Dragged Me Back to the Stage

As a kid I loved performing – until a wave of fear during a school concert left me shaking. Throughout adulthood, my stage fright deepened. Although I attended theatre schools and studied with amazing teachers, I rarely perform. Instead, I became a writer, then a reviewer. I mostly stay behind my keyboard, where words can be edited before they reach an audience… [read more]

Toronto Star: Masters of the Monologue

Forget blogs or vlogs, turn off the e-reader and revisit the spoken word’s roots instead, at Toronto’s Storytelling Festival. Professional “tellers” are expected to take the stage this weekend, captivating audiences using only their voices in a face-to-face setting… [read more]

Toronto Star: Conquering a Fear of Public Speaking

I’ve been asked to participate in one of those storytelling nights so popular in Toronto. I would rather not… [read more]

Toronto Star: The Art of Telling a Story

“I’m standing outside Sage Tyrtle’s apartment on a muggy July afternoon because I want to be just like her.

Sage is a storyteller. Not a blogger, or a journalist, but a bona fide, around-the-campfire storyteller. When Sage talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word…” – Katherine Dunn, Toronto Star Reporter [read more]

NPR’s Snap Judgment

There are things you do that you know you would never do unless there was someone watching, someone urging you on, someone who was part of the plan. This week, from PRX and NPR, Snap Judgment proudly presents “Partners in Crime.” Includes Sage Tyrtle’s story.

Sage creates an intimate connection with the audience in which every single member feels like a close friend.” – Laura Anne Harris, playwright

“Sage is both an incredible storyteller and a brilliant teacher. I have had the pleasure of seeing her dazzle audiences again and again with her beautiful, funny and heartbreaking true stories.” – Erin Rodgers, producer “Awkward: A Comedic Storytelling Show”

Adult Day Centre, Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

“The seniors at the Day Centre were absolutely enthralled by your folktales. I’ve never seen them like that before.” – Debbie Lee, Seniors Health Program Co-ordinator

True Stories Told Live

“Sage Tyrtle – the lady I always call “Sort of the Queen Of Storytelling in Toronto – except she’s much too nice and normal to be a Queen” – made us gasp, laugh, cry, and then cheer so loudly that strangers looked in from the street, as she told us a story.” – Marsha Shandur, producer, True Stories Told Live

War Porsche

“Sage Tyrtle is a dream guest! We love having her at War Porsche because every single one of her stories (which are fully improvised at our show) is well crafted, told with confidence and completely inspiring. She has broken the hearts of the audience and masterfully lifted their spirits all at once. Sage’s stories have fueled some of the best comedy War Porsche has ever produced. She is welcome back any time, there is always a spot available for Sage.” – Hayley Kellett, co-producer, War Porsche (second Sunday of every month, Comedy Bar)

Storytelling Workshop

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and learning the tips and tricks of good storytelling. You are truly inspirational!” – Lucia, lawyer, workshop participant

What Are You Doing Up There Festival

“Sage, you literally had people crying at the What Are You Doing Up There?! Festival, even an hour after you left. Someone would mention you, and people would start tearing up again. All that is to say: wow, and congrats, and thank you. Hope to see you back there next time!” – Natalie Frijia, co-producer

Maclean’s Magazine: Canada’s new storytellers make a virtue of speaking the truth

Childhood frenemies, nasty breakups, family squabbles–it’s all fair game on storytelling night, a popular pastime for audiences craving something more authentic than staged reality television… [read more]

Toronto Star: MothUp asks, ‘What’s your story?’

The night was wrapped up by Sage Tyrtle, a blue-haired storyteller who has spoken at more MothUP events than anyone else. In a rhythmic cadence that would have been at home at a spoken word night, she wove a tale about saying goodbye to her schizophrenic, lesbian mother in the days before she passed away.

“I listen to her laugh and I try to capture it in my mind,” she says softly.

Laughter, tears and everything in between, delivered at a community-driven event that’s usually given for free? It’s no mystery why MothUP has been a hit. [read more]

GridTO: Happy Mothiversary!

Regular participant Sage Tyrtle, whose gritty tale of the final days with her “schizophrenic, lesbian” mother served as the evening’s finale, attributes MothUP’s success to old-fashioned word of mouth and an experience that cannot be replicated. “When someone gets on stage and they’re telling a good story, even though I have never met this person before in my life, I’m on tenterhooks, I’m dying to know what’s going to happen.” [read more]

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