Stories are EVERYTHING.

That might seem like a lot to put on the simple act of sharing your words. How can something as small as speech support the narrative of the biggest moments of your life? There’s no way you can squeeze anything truly meaningful about yourself into 7 short minutes, right? And how could you possibly use stories to connect with anyone other than your internal critic?

In fact, stories can do all that and more. Practically, they make the difference between your ideas being heard in the workplace and people tuning you out. They’re the key that unlocks the legions of fans for your work or business. And they make you a hell of a lot more interesting to hang out with.

Like us, stories are more than the sum of their parts. They’re more than words and breath and cadence, they’re our chance to be heard, to explore other lives, and to know that in every circumstance and twist of fate, there’s a common ground we can all relate to.

That’s why my entire life’s work is telling my stories, helping other people craft theirs, and making sure as many people as possible experience the transformative power of true stories told well.

And it’s why I’m now asking you…

Which story will you tell?

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Even though I’m a Storytelling Coach myself, I know I can always improve. Sage Tyrtle is MY Storytelling Teacher – and a person I will learn from at every opportunity I get. This course was transformative for me – and even better, it was SO FUN.

Marsha Shandur, Yes Yes Marsha

As each of us feels more comfortable, we share intimate moments from our lives. It’s different from the stand-up I tried, because, ultimately, success isn’t dependent on making people laugh.

Now Magazine, Debbie Fein-Goldbach