I tell stories.

I tell stories. True stories from my strange life, historical stories, stories for children. I love telling stories more than anything else in the world.

Because stories create empathy. And empathy changes the world.

So: what can I offer your project?

* Tell a true personal story, anywhere from 7 to 60 minutes. Various topics include: bravery, strong women, feminism, online dating, friendship, immigration, strong choices. (Ages 14+.)

* Involve the audience in an interactive folktale, giving them a chance to contribute key elements to the plot for a story that’s different every single time. (All ages.)

* Make history come alive by re-telling real events in an exciting, dynamic way. (Ages 14+.)

What’s the next step?
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What can I teach you?

* How to eliminate extraneous information and highlight the important parts of any story.

* Ways to appear so confident on stage you’ll look like you’ve been performing for years.

* How to tell the stories that make the people your non-profit organization benefits come alive for potential funders.

What’s the next step?
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As each of us feels more comfortable, we share intimate moments from our lives. It’s different from the stand-up I tried, because, ultimately, success isn’t dependent on making people laugh.

Now Magazine, Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“When Sage talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word.”

Toronto Star