Sage Tyrtle, Storyteller

See Sage Perform
I am a professional storyteller. I tell true stories stories on stages all over Toronto for adult audiences as well as folktales for children. Curious? Check out my Upcoming Performances.

Want to book me to tell a story? Maybe you’re looking for a keynote speaker, or you’d like a customized workshop? Click here to Book Sage Tyrtle.

Learn the Art of Storytelling
We tell stories all the time, every day, but it’s the deeper stories – the ones that changed your life – that should be told more often. Join my seven week storytelling workshop (featured in Now Magazine) to learn how to be compelling. Learn more here.

Sometimes a personalized workshop that’s geared directly towards your own group is what works best. Get in touch and I will create a workshop that’s customized for your group.

Watch Storytelling Shows
I run a storytelling show called High Stakes. I choose the stories that left me on the edge of my seat the first time I heard them. Interested in attending? Learn more here.

Or maybe you’ve heard about the storytelling scene in Toronto and you’d like to see a few shows. Here is a master list of every Toronto storytelling show, complete with ways to apply to tell and what subject matter to expect.

“When Sage talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word.” – Toronto Star