Love and Bravery: Singing Stories on February 22

Please join us February 22 for an evening of stories and songs centering on the themes of love and bravery featuring Sage Tyrtle and Christa Couture. Tickets $20 per person (all sales go directly to the artists). Includes snacks.

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About our artists:

Sage Tyrtle is a professional storyteller with over fifteen years of teaching and performing before audiences small and large. Sage has significant experience performing in recorded and live broadcast media, is Moth StorySlam winner, and has been featured on NPR and CBC Radio, Now Magazine, MacLean’s Magazine, and the Toronto Star. “Sage Tyrtle tells stories so that you see yourself in them. It’s impossible not to think that the story is really about you.” – Tasleem Thawar, 10 1/2 Stories

Christa Couture is an award-winning performing and recording artist, non-fiction writer, and broadcaster. She is also proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), queer, disabled, and a mom. “Couture shines with inspiration and perseverance. She brings change to those that need it, and a complex sound to those that love the art of folk-style storytelling.” – Regina Leader Post

Love and Bravery: Singing Stories on February 22

Can’t wait to share the stage February 22 with folksinger Christa Couture. One of the love songs she’ll be singing is “The Declaration of Spring”. What does love mean to Christa? “The snowstorm was mighty, not so much in its intensity but its timing: the first day of spring. In a city, Vancouver, where tulips begin their work of blooming in February, a March snowfall is mysterious and calamitous. While the storm wreaked havoc outdoors, inside, within my belly, I felt the first flutters of my unborn baby. Green buds sank under snow and I marveled at the forces of nature.”

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Tickets $20: click here to buy
O’Hara House Concerts
28 O’Hara Ave. (near Landsdowne and Queen)
Toronto, ON

Bechdel Tested on January 30

Can’t wait to be part of Bechdel Tested! “We are absolutely thrilled to be starting a new series at a new location… in a new decade! Join us on Thursday, January 30th at The Royal Cinema – Toronto for a screening of I Shot Andy Warhol, a mini-marketplace of non-man makers, and some brilliant Toronto feminists telling tales of REVENGE!

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January 30, 6:30 PM
Tickets $13.19: click here to buy
Royal Cinema
608 College Street (west of Bathurst)
Toronto, ON