True Story Performances

“You made me laugh and cry all at the same time…no one tells a story like you do.” – Vivian Vasquez, audience member

I tell true stories. About my schizophrenic, lesbian mother. My father, who picked me up from school one day and left a note on my mother’s door which read: “I’ve taken Sage to California.” About wishing my best friend dead two weeks before she had a brain hemorrhage. Moving in with a man I’d met online after a four day visit. Living in a yurt in the middle of the woods with a toddler for two years. The moments that my life careened off the conventional track.

Using only my voice, I create complex scenes. Vibrant characters. I invite the audience to step into my life at five years old, or fifteen, or thirty. For a ten day or a ten year stretch. To look at insanity as a daughter. Isolation as a wife. Fear as a mother.

I revel in gently playing with the crowd’s emotions. Everyone laughs in public (hell, they’ll even fake it) but my goal is to so deeply involve a listener that she finds herself clenching her fists, or whispering, “YES!”, or suddenly in tears. To find herself rooting with all her heart for a woman he’d never heard of until the story began.

I shape and trim until the story is a vital staircase of bare bones. I delicately pick and choose the moments to include or exclude, resulting in a story in which every word is designed to engage and excite the audience.

I charge $250/hour for performances, one hour minimum.

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