As each of us feels more comfortable, we share intimate moments from our lives. It’s different from the stand-up I tried, because, ultimately, success isn’t dependent on making people laugh.

Now Magazine, Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“When Sage talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word.”

Toronto Star

Thank you for giving us a night to remember. You are a true professional, gifted and talented. Thank you for inspiring us, making us think differently and pushing us to be better communicators. The feedback from all the participants was so positive.

Wendy Kauffman, Wendy Kauffman, Vice President, FemWorks Practice Group Founder, Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc.

Even though I’m a Storytelling Coach myself, I know I can always improve. Sage Tyrtle is MY Storytelling Teacher – and a person I will learn from at every opportunity I get. This course was transformative for me – and even better, it was SO FUN.

Marsha Shandur, Yes Yes Marsha

“I really appreciated Sage’s teaching both in terms of content and delivery. As a teacher myself, I’m very aware of the different forms teaching exercises can take and was inspired by the way Sage created activities in every case that were interactive, embodied, student-centred and participatory. I’m so glad I took it and will recommend it wholeheartedly to others.”

Michelle Szabo, Professor of Sociology, Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

“I would recommend Sage’s classes to literally everyone. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it is a business pitch, defending your thesis or an anecdote at parties. We could all benefit in learning how to communicate our point more effectively and passionately. The sessions were fun, engaging and challenging. I particularly enjoyed working on structure with her story cards because Sage sneakily got us thinking about editing and content as well. It was a fun way to discover what should be included to enhance the thesis of our stories. Add in playful warm up games focused on emotion and energy and you can’t go wrong! A great, judgement free workshop that allowed me to be my weird, creative self without worry.”

Hayley Kellett, The Making-Box, Improv Incubator Director

“I now have tools I can apply to each story I write, whether I’m delivering it live in front of an audience or posting it on a blog, or simply writing it for myself. I think about the elements and more carefully consider the words I’m weaving together. I also find I’m far more lively and engaging when reading stories at night to my son and he’s that much more delighted to listen. So, she has impacted more than just me. She has created a legacy of storytelling, which is a beautiful and powerful gift. How I feel about it? Immensely grateful, moved, inspired.”

Lara Marjerrison,Writer, Speaker, Storyteller, Experiential Group Facilitator, and the Founder of Inside Stories

“Taking Sage Tyrtle’s workshop is like being given superpowers. I’ve been performing stories for years, however, after working with Sage I feel like I’ve levelled up. My performances have become stronger, more open, more vulnerable, and more popular with audiences. Anyone, from brand new storytellers to professionals will learn brand new skills and have their storytelling ability taken to the next level.”

Erin Rodgers, performer, storyteller (“Tough”), producer (Storystar)

“Sage gives you the tools and encouragement, then steps away and lets people discover and learn. Everyone in the class was lovely, and Sage did a great job making sure everyone felt comfortable and fun. Working with Sage gave me the space to work on my writing/story, some tools and strategies I didn’t have before, and added confidence to my work. I’d recommend this class to beginners, skeptics, practiced storytellers, actors, teachers, facilitators, entrepreneurs, almost anyone. Because the tools you’ll walk away with are applicable to all our lives and how we lead them.”

Erin Kang, Project Manager, Consultant, Grassroots organizer, founder of Stories of Ours

“I could write well, but I was always stiff and awkward as a performer. Sage has given me stacks of confidence with my voice and body. I usually dread group exercises but Sage made me feel so comfortable I started to look forward to them and even started volunteering to participate! I have never laughed as much as I did in these sessions.”

Rachel Allen, Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I took your workshop at the Toronto Storytelling Festival 3 years ago. I went back for the festival last year and this year, and I’m writing to tell you just how much I love your storytelling! I’ve been telling stories here in Vancouver at the storytelling slam and at the Flame (local version of the Moth) and I’ve used so many of your tips from that workshop and your newsletter. I loved your story this year at Wychwood barns (and the Snow Queen one last year too!) Thanks for the inspiration, and keep being amazing!”

Michael Funergy, Activity Facilitator for People with Developmental Disabilities

“The class was so fun! There was never a dull moment. Sage is so good at answering our questions and connecting what we’re doing in class to the development of our stories. My stories would often ramble and I never thought too much about it (even when I was heckled while giving a wedding speech) but now I see – REALLY see – the power of editing my stories.”

Omar Khan, Workshop Participant

“We have received really great feedback, some people saying that this is the best session we have had at our KE retreats, so thank you so much for your engaging presentation!”

Rebecca Phillips Konigs, Knowledge Broker at Evidence Exchange Network, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

“The sessions were very well organized, with a clear presentation of material. And SO FUN! I’ve learned to be clear and concise, to have focus in telling my story, and how to be confident. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in storytelling.” – Laura Kucenty, Community Worker

Laura Kucenty, Community Worker

Thank you for a wonderful class – I learned so much and enjoyed the atmosphere and pacing of your class. It’s nice as a facilitator to let someone else so skilled take the wheel and be a passenger for a change!

Liz Radzick, President Manifest Consulting

I had many colleagues tell me this was the best workshop they have ever been to!

Jake Winn, Right To Play

I can’t thank you enough Sage for giving us a truly authentic and engaging evening. Your presentation and story telling was top notch. I know all of us will be able to use these methods and learning going forward both professionally and personally.

Kimberly Cohen, CEO, Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc.