Submit Story to Podcast

Interested in telling a story at on the High Stakes Podcast? Hooray! (Looking to submit your story to the live show? Click here.)

What are the requirements?

  • the story must be true, about you
  • the story must have high stakes
  • maximum 12 minute time limit

What do you mean by “high stakes”?
The story must be about something important to you. “I got drunk and got lost” is fun to tell friends at a party, but a high stakes story is the one you tell someone special to you, in an intimate coffeeshop.

High stakes stories usually fit one or more of these points:
* high stakes categories: birth, death, war, fear, crime, struggle, bravery, love, kindness, religion, addiction
* something very important is gained
* something very important is lost
* outside events create a crucial struggle

Low stakes stories that do NOT work:
* while travelling/doing yoga I discovered my life at home is nice, or I should change the path I’m on
* stories of personal transformation that take place largely inside the teller’s head
* “I thought ______, but then realized that actually ____ was true”
* stories that are focused almost entirely on the teller with little mention of other humans

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