Boxes Buried Deep :: Buy Tickets

On April 2, grab this chance to see Boxes Buried Deep, my solo show! Only one performance, as part of the Toronto Storytelling Festival. [read more]

April 2 High Stakes Storytelling

High Stakes Storytelling joins the Toronto Storytelling Festival for a special FREE edition. Faizal Bachca: He saw the car on fire and the family inside. Emergency services said they couldn’t be there for fifteen minutes. Fatima Farooqi: Her family dressed in rags to get across the border. Judie Oron: Her adopted daughter said simply, “My sister is alive. I can still feel her breathing.” [read more]


I am waiting to cross the street. A man in his forties stands in front of me. He waves and smiles to the passing car, and then to the next, and the next, until I realize that he is smiling and waving to everybody…[read more]

Upcoming Performances

Coming up: High Stakes Storytelling, Second City classes, Stories of Ours, and Guelph performance and workshop and more! [read more]

Book A Storytelling Workshop For Your Group

04indexWhether it’s stage performances, a corporate setting, or just coffee with a good friend – knowing how to tell a compelling story matters. This workshop focuses on finding your personal storytelling voice, the hard and fast rules of an enthralling story, stage presence, characters, and story structure. Discover ways to emphasize the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. Provide your own venue, and book me for a 2 or 4 hour workshop for your own group: [read more]

Storytelling House Concerts

Imagine a living room filled with your friends, cozy and intimate. Sipping tea and coffee, and slouched on various armchairs and couches. And a storyteller, enthralling the group, weaving words into moving pictures… [read more]