The Bechdel Test was coined by Alison Bechdel, whose comic book character said she only goes to see a movie if there are two women in it who have a conversation about something other than a man. In September, it’s the Bechdel Edition of High Stakes!

True stories by women, about women. Curated by Sage Tyrtle.

Martha Chaves
Growing up she had to have two diaries, one for public consumption – and the OTHER one.

AJ Edmonds
She needs a break. So he breaks his back.

Gina Granter
When her mom gets sick, this devout kid starts to doubt everything.

Sage Tyrtle
She’s walking down a long driveway. At the end is a separatist lesbian womyn’s land.

Erin Rodgers
A psychic prediction, a desire to change the world. What could go wrong?

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September 8, 7:30 PM

CSI Spadina
192 Spadina (just north of Queen)
Toronto, Ontario