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“One of my students who attended your workshop said, ‘Tomorrow when I’m doing my presentation, I am going to channel Sage Tyrtle.’ And it was a great presentation.” – Heather Corriveau, teacher, Bishop Marroco/Thomas Merton School, Toronto, Ontario

When I was a little kid, I thought you were born shy. I had blue eyes, I had ten toes, I was shy. I never performed because I thought was born without the self-confidence and there was nothing I could do about it.

And it wasn’t until I got up on stage for the first time to tell a story – hands trembling, voice shaky – that I realized shyness is simply a state of mind. By the end of the story, I held the audience in the palm of my hand. I knew the story was good, and no matter how scary it was to stand in the spotlight, by the time the story ended the audience knew it too.

“Sage’s talk engaged everyone. Sage did not transmit information endlessly in ‘transmit-mode’ while students passively listened. There was a strong element of improvisation and the students loved it. Students approached us at the Day’s conclusion and mentioned it was the best Research Day they ever attended.” – Joseph Steinman, Lead Executive Planning and Organizing Committee, CPIN Research Day at University of Toronto

I wish I’d learned all of this at seven years old instead of thirty-seven, but today I can give this gift to students myself. Shyness isn’t an irrevocable fact. It’s surprisingly easy to overcome. This storytelling workshop is tailored for your classroom – whether it’s grade two students learning about story structure, advanced high school drama students, or middle school students learning English for the first time.

“Weaving interactive games and personal storytelling together, she was able to engage students. I am confident that students learned a great deal from her because I sure did.” – Betty Kim, World Literacy Canada

This workshop focuses on finding your personal storytelling voice. We talk about storytelling structure, ways to engage the audience, characters, and most importantly: making every single word count. Discover ways to emphasize the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses.

I charge $100/hour for school workshops. One hour minimum. I do travel outside Toronto, but travel costs are extra.

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