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Looking for something new and different for your event? Book me to teach a high energy, interactive Storytelling Workshop. In this age of smartphones, empathy has never been more important. And knowing how to tell a good story creates empathy.

In the same way it’s hard for a group of kids to feel scared of a wolf in the story if they get to howl like wolves whenever the wolf shows up, it’s hard to feel terrified of telling a story, giving a presentation, or even talking in front of family in friends when the last time you did it in the Storytelling Workshop you were having so much fun you were laughing your head off.

I begin every single workshop by telling the same story twice. First, in the weakest way possible. (Remember book reports in grade seven? Yeah. THAT.) I invite the students to tell me where I could have improved. Then I tell the story in the strongest way possible. And the students talk about what I did right. It’s so easy to think, “I want to tell a great story,” but knowing WHAT makes a great story is the real secret.

And then the kids learn by doing, playing silly games that also teach the core rules of telling a compelling story.

What will the kids take home from this workshop?

* how to choose a strong story (hint: it isn’t “that time I lost my phone”)
* how to structure a story (they’ll always know what the POINT of the story is)
* how to edit (no more rambling)
* how to connect with the audience (how to look and sound confident, and eventually feel it too)

My workshops are supportive, respectful, educational, and crazy good fun. I’m looking forward to working with all of you.

Among others I’ve worked with McMurrich Jr Primary School, David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute, Toronto Catholic District School Board as well as Story Planet, the Mosaic Festival, Saksham Center For Child Education and Women Empowerment and Boo! At the Barns. I’m a member of Storytellers for Children.

Ready to move forward? To ask questions or request a proposal for your event, please fill out the Booking Form.

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