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Ten years ago I was more likely to go to Jupiter than get up on stage. Today? I’m a professional storyteller. And I changed because of stories. Keep reading to find out how I can help you.

“I could write well, but I was always stiff and awkward as a performer. Sage has given me stacks of confidence with my voice and body. I usually dread group exercises but Sage made me feel so comfortable I started to look forward to them and even started volunteering to participate! I have never laughed as much as I did in these sessions.” – Rachel Allen, Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist

Right before I end my Storytelling Workshops, I say this:

“I am an incredibly shy person. I would rather go to the dentist than a party. I have a really hard time talking to strangers, and I’m scared of talking to large groups. But I’m really good at faking it. And you can, too.”

So I’m telling this to a group of kids in grade five and one kid raises his hand. “Miss?” he says, “Miss, you don’t have to be scared of ME.”

(Then I died of crying and this is my ghost talking to you right now.)

But guess what? That kid is your audience EVERY TIME YOU ARE TALKING. Think about the last time you went to see a performance, or met a friend for coffee, or saw a work presentation. Were you thinking, “I hope this person fails?” or were you thinking, “I can’t wait to see how great this person is!”

I know what it is to be shy, to recharge at home by myself, to always choose reading a book in a chair by the window over brunch with a big group of people. My Storytelling Workshops reflect that – for one thing, I ALWAYS assign teams, because guess how many times I was picked last for teams in school? Every single time. I know!

My Storytelling Workshops are supportive, respectful, and most of all a hell of a lot of fun.

What will you gain? Among other things:

* an understanding of the way voice and body embody confidence (or lack of confidence)

* a certainty that your stories are now crisp, clean, and never ramble

* tricks that allow you to make non-scary eye contact

* knowledge that you can perform in front of others, because you’ve done it

What do my students say, after working with me? Click here to find out.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is for already existing groups. If you already have a group, request a proposal by filling out the Booking Form.

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