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It’s so helpful to have another ear when you’re working on a true story. You know the story is meaningful to YOU, but is it meaningful to the audience? And how about the structure, and the pacing, and does your grandma really shine the way she’s meant to? Request a proposal for a one-on-one consultation today.

“My performances have become stronger, more open, more vulnerable, and more popular with audiences.” – Erin Rodgers, performer “Tough”

So: what will you learn from the one-on-one session?

We’ll be working from your list of goals for this story. Want to make sure your grandma takes center stage? By the time we’re finished, she’ll be dancing in the spotlight. Tell me what you want to accomplish, and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Here’s what a session looks like:

* We’ll meet for two hours minimum at a venue you provide. (For a great venue finding resource, click here.)

* I’ll work from your list of goals to make sure that the exercises fit your needs.

* We will be silly, and laugh, and sometimes there might be a tear or two, and it will be crazy good fun.

What do my students say, after working with me? Click here to find out.

To ask questions or request a proposal, please fill out the Booking Form.

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