Workshop: Grown-Ups

Looking for a Storytelling Workshop? Fantastic! Scroll down and click on the workshop that really speaks to YOU.


Workshops: Non-Profit

For non-profits, knowing how to tell compelling stories to funders is vital. Find out how I can help your group.

Workshops: Introverts

Ten years ago, I was more likely to go to Jupiter than get on stage. Today? I’m a professional storyteller. Find out how I can help you.

Workshops: Individuals

Do you have a specific story or presentation to work on with me, one on one? I’m in! Find out more about how I can help.

Workshops: Customized

Know you want a Storytelling Workshop, but the other categories don’t fit? I’ve got you covered. Let me know what you’re after and I’ll craft a workshop to meet your group’s goals.