In this technologically focused time, children need stories more than ever. Storytelling used to be a strong component of Toronto schools, but that’s faded over time and I’d love to help you bring storytelling back into your classroom. I mean, special guests are exciting all by themselves, but a STORYTELLER? How fantastic is that!

“Weaving interactive games and personal storytelling together, she was able to engage students. I am confident that students learned a great deal from her because I sure did.” – Betty Kim, World Literacy Canada

So: what can I offer your school?

I tell a roster of traditional stories suitable for ages 5 – 12. My stories are high energy and interactive, and every child has a chance to take part. My performances range anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. My stories focus on honesty, empathy, and brave kids who save themselves. And I’m apparently really fun to draw, according to these thank you cards:

For older kids, I tell true, personal stories. My story Zablotz, which runs thirty minutes, resonates especially with teenage girls struggling with body image issues and peer acceptance.

I am a TDSB Partner. Among others I’ve worked with McMurrich Jr Primary School, David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute, Toronto Catholic District School Board as well as Story Planet, the Mosaic Festival, Saksham Center For Child Education and Women Empowerment and Boo! At the Barns. I’m a member of Storytellers for Children.

Here I am, telling a story to a group of delightful kiddos in India:

To ask questions or request a proposal for your school, please fill out the Booking Form.

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