Storytelling isn’t just older than television and cars – it’s older than HOUSES. And there’s a reason for that: human beings crave face to face connection with each other.

Sage creates an intimate connection with the audience in which every single member feels like a close friend.” – Laura Anne Harris, playwright

When we sit in a dark rooom and listen to a story, something amazing happens: our imaginations start working together. And instead of a hundred thought bubbles above every person’s head, there’s just one. We dream the story together. It’s magical.

I love standing on stage, shaping that thought bubble. Whether I’m telling a personal, true story and bringing you into my own strange past, improvising a folktale with your help, or weaving history and fairy tale – I would rather tell a story than anything else in the world. Including the opportunity to go back in time and hang out with Louise Fitzhugh, the author of Harriet the Spy, and people, LOUISE FITZHUGH IS MY HERO.

So – what can I offer your event?

* Tell a true personal story, anywhere from 7 to 60 minutes. Various topics include: bravery, strong women, feminism, online dating, friendship, immigration, strong choices. (Ages 14+.)

* Involve the audience in an interactive folktale, giving them a chance to contribute key elements to the plot for a story that’s different every single time. (All ages.)

* Make history come alive by re-telling real events in an exciting, dynamic way. (Ages 14+.)

I’ve been a professional storyteller for ten years. My stories have been featured on NPR, PRX, and CBC radio. Articles about me have appeared in the Toronto Star, MacLean’s, and Now Magazine. I’ve performed all over the world, including Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Newfoundland, Boston and India. I am a Moth StorySLAM winner.

To ask questions or request a proposal for your upcoming event, please fill out the Booking Form.

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