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Apex: coming soon

The Offing: coming soon

JMWW: coming Soon

Atlas & Alice: coming Soon

Pithead Chapel: Two Years in a Tent in the Woods – the true story of living in a yurt in the woods for two years.

X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine: Court Mandated Therapy – “Bill is not having flashbacks to Vietnam. Even though the shiny-haired psychiatrist says there’s no doubt at all, even though the list of symptoms looks like his autobiography…”

Cheap Pop: Drinking Game – This is what I think about when people say “drinking game”.

Leon Literary Review: 37th Floor Spaceship – Just like Josh, I love to lie on the floor of my high rise apartment and pretend I’m on a spaceship.

Tiny Molecules: Elevator Pitch for a Dystopian Young Adult Novel – This story begins, “The hero is not slender…”

Mayday: You Seem Really Lonely – This true story is close to my heart. “I’m thirteen. And the Miller Junior High class of 1985 has, in some unspoken, telekinetic election, chosen me as the ugliest and fattest kid in school…”

Necessary Fiction: Are the Hungries Coming? Yes! – This spooky short story was inspired by the KFC on Queen West that was dismantled except for the word “Hungry?”

Bending Genres: Old Wives’ Tales – This micro was born in a workshop after the facilitator asked me to write about nature and I was like I LIVE ON THE 40TH FLOOR AND THERE’S A PANDEMIC and she said patiently, yes, well, how about BIRDS, so I was like Oh yes. I forgot the 3 times a day hawks.

Firewords: My Stepmother’s Neck – This piece was illustrated by an amazing artist, I could not be more pleased.

Club Plum: The Baby Talk – This strange and absurd story is set on Toronto’s waterfront.

Streetcake: In the Rectory of the St. Vitiate Catholic Church – This story began when a friend mentioned the priest in their tiny town with a secret/obvious kid and I wondered what the kid thought about all that.

Popshot Quarterly: When We Were Meat – Available as a digital or print issue, Autumn 2021.

Mslexia: 1 PM at the Blue Swallow Motel – This one is print only, issues available via the website. My true story is in the March 2021 issue.

Reflex: Burial Ground, which is set in apocalyptic Toronto.

New Flash Fiction Review: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree – This fiction piece begins, “You don’t remember…”

Brilliant Flash Fiction: Bones of You – This fiction piece begins, “You lean on the kitchen doorframe, wearing the oversized hound’s tooth coat you’ve had since Mom was little…”

Fictive Dream: The Only Boy At Asimov Elementary – This speculative fiction piece begins, “My mom runs out the classroom door. Just runs, like it’s a normal thing to do…”

Angel City Review: 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake – With the exception of the last few lines, this poem is true.

Sledgehammer: Janine Turner’s Hairdo – This true story begins, “I shaved my head the day I heard a talk show host say that Janine Turner from Northern Exposure could never win a Miss America Pageant…”

Briefly Write / Briefly Zine: Cleveland National Forest Field Trip This micro fiction is just one very long sentence and begins, “I’m crouching on the forest floor studying a rock while Rachel tells the other kids that my nose is too big and my mouth is too big…”

Ellipses: He’ll Be Sorry Now – I wrote this story after reading a 1954 article in which this ending REALLY DID HAPPEN.

Constellate Magazine: The Ferocious Seagulls of Cornwall – After debating just how ferocious a seagull in Cornwall can be, I wrote this micro fiction piece.

Word City Lit: Swimming For Safety – This poem begins, “Pregnant, I watched this tv show on Wednesdays…”

Rogue Agent: Cat’s Mouth – This is about what it’s like to grow up with a cleft palate.

Literally Stories: June’s Miniature Mart Off Highway 101 – I wanted to write about girls and women who end up in forced marriages. Oh, and dollhouses.

Funny Pearls: How to Like Your Baby During the First Three Months

Lamplit Underground: Mrs. Pigeon’s Nest, which begins, “There is no banging on the door because Mrs. Pigeon has no door…”

433: Miss Patel’s Story Time Assessment Centre – about the deep weirdness of going for a (thankfully negative) Covid-19 test.

Idle Ink: How To Ensure Everyone’s Comfort At All Times At The Serenity Art Share

Request fiction or nonfiction submission.

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