You can see my published fiction, non-fiction and poetry below – keep checking back.

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Pithead Chapel: Two Years in a Tent in the Woods – the true story of living in a yurt in the woods for two years.

Mslexia: 1 PM at the Blue Swallow Motel – This one is print only, issues available via the website. My true story is in the March 2021 issue.

Reflex: Burial Ground, which is set in apocalyptic Toronto.

New Flash Fiction Review: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree – This fiction piece begins, “You don’t remember…”

Fictive Dream: The Only Boy At Asimov Elementary – This speculative fiction piece begins, “My mom runs out the classroom door. Just runs, like it’s a normal thing to do…”

Sledgehammer: Janine Turner’s Hairdo – This true story begins, “I shaved my head the day I heard a talk show host say that Janine Turner from Northern Exposure could never win a Miss America Pageant…”

Briefly Write / Briefly Zine: Cleveland National Forest Field Trip This micro fiction is just one very long sentence and begins, “I’m crouching on the forest floor studying a rock while Rachel tells the other kids that my nose is too big and my mouth is too big…”

Ellipses: He’ll Be Sorry Now – I wrote this story after reading a 1954 article in which this ending REALLY DID HAPPEN.

Constellate Magazine: The Ferocious Seagulls of Cornwall – After debating just how ferocious a seagull in Cornwall can be, I wrote this micro fiction piece.

Word City Lit: Swimming For Safety – This poem begins, “Pregnant, I watched this tv show on Wednesdays…”

Rogue Agent: Cat’s Mouth – This is about what it’s like to grow up with a cleft palate.

Literally Stories: June’s Miniature Mart Off Highway 101 – I wanted to write about girls and women who end up in forced marriages. Oh, and dollhouses.

Funny Pearls: How to Like Your Baby During the First Three Months

Lamplit Underground: Mrs. Pigeon’s Nest, which begins, “There is no banging on the door because Mrs. Pigeon has no door…”

433: Miss Patel’s Story Time Assessment Centre – about the deep weirdness of going for a (thankfully negative) Covid-19 test.

Idle Ink: How To Ensure Everyone’s Comfort At All Times At The Serenity Art Share

Request fiction or nonfiction submission.