Rework: Spark Life Into Tired Drafts with Sarah M. Jasat

Fed up of doing line edits on a story you know isn’t working? Tired of making changes but getting no closer to the finished draft?

Join us for Rework, a friendly, interactive workshop to dig into different approaches and help you uncover the heart of your story. We will read examples of a range of short fiction and discuss the techniques used as a group. We will then try applying these techniques to our own work and see how moving away from the constraints of traditional fiction can unlock the real focus of our stories.

Expect to dig into the craft of writing in an informal setting and come away feeling energised to take the next steps with your draft.

Date Saturday, April 16, 6 AM EDT / 11 AM BST / 3:30 PM IST

About Instructor
Sarah M. Jasat grew up believing her family was very odd but later discovered she was Indian. She is an alumni of the Middleway Mentoring scheme and a member of the Koyal Writers. Her stories about the strangeness of family have been published at everydayfiction, banditfiction, reflexpress and more. She dreams about writing a novel for older children if only she could get her own child to go to sleep. She lives in Leicester, UK and expects to one day have a cat although she is allergic.

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