Mastering Microfiction with Gaynor Jones: July 31

Mastering Microfiction with Gaynor Jones
Come and learn how to write the shortest of short stories – the micro. In this workshop we’ll study stories of up to 100 words that still have movement, tension and emotional impact. This will be a fast-paced, insightful and invigorating session crammed with examples, prompts and exercises that will teach you the skill of leaving just enough story on the page and leave you bursting with ideas. Once we’ve written some stories, you will have the opportunity to share your writing (not compulsory!) and receive feedback, and you’ll also be given some ideas on where to submit. Suitable for writers of all levels in a friendly, positive and supportive environment.

Date Sunday, July 31: 8 AM EST / 1 PM GMT

About Instructor
Gaynor is an award-winning writer who has had tiny stories published by Paragraph Planet, AdHoc Fiction, 50 Word Stories, Funny Pearls, FlashBack Fiction and the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology.

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