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We’ve all had that moment where you’re telling a story, and you suddenly realize that everyone around you is just waiting for you to stop talking.

The almost imperceptible glazing over of their eyes. The slight shifting as they wonder if it’s really that rude to check their phones. The blush crawling up your cheeks as you stumble over your words, trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

There’s no worse feeling than realizing that people have tuned you out, especially when you’re trying to talk about something you really care about … and nothing better than when you look around a room and realize that people are hanging on your every word.

That’s what this workshop is all about: learning how to tell stories that matter in a way that absolutely captivates your audience.

Over the course of this intensive, you’ll learn the art of storytelling by doing as we come together to workshop one true high stakes story from your life, taking it from idea to polished performance, and laughing ourselves silly along the way.

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You’ll learn:

— How to choose a story that really matters, and why it’s so much more important to tell these stories than to fall back on anecdotes.

— The fundamentals of storytelling, from structure and tone to cadence and connecting with the room.

— What actually happens when you put a zombie in a room full of skittish humans, and how that can teach you about confidence.

— What it’s like to have a whole room of warm, supportive people cheering you on as you learn how to become a compelling storyteller at work, with friends, and on stage.

— How incredible it feels to hold an enraptured audience in the palm of your hand as you tell the final version of your story to a small group of friends and family during our last class.

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Every week, I walked out of that classroom a few inches taller than I walked in.

“Even though I’m a Storytelling Coach myself, I know I can always improve. Sage Tyrtle is MY Storytelling Teacher – and a person I will learn from at every opportunity I get. This course was transformative for me – and even better, it was SO FUN. Every week, I walked out of that classroom a few inches taller than I walked in. You’ll learn a ton of skills you can use for the rest of your life – and have an absolute ball doing it!” Marsha Shandur, Yes Yes Marsha and True Stories Toronto

This workshop’s for you if:

— You’re ready to learn by doing. From the zombie game right through to Kill the Kittens, we’re going to be up and moving. (And not actually killing kittens. Promise.)

— You’d just love to be able to stand up and speak confidently, whether that’s on stage, screen, in the boardroom, or just among friends.

— You might not know what story you want to tell, but you’re excited to work with the group to find out.

— You’re kind of shy, and while you love the idea of being an amazing storyteller, the reality seems really far away. (Guess what? That gap is way smaller than you think.)

— You’re ready to dive in head first and love the fact that you’ll get a little extra work to do at home.


Give it a miss if:

— You can’t stand the thought of having fun while learning to tell stories.

— You’re under 18.

— You’re looking for something more along the lines of story therapy. While that can be very powerful, it’s not what this particular workshop is about. This might be a better fit.

— You’re strongly opposed to doing 30 minutes of homework.

— Participating in physical, high-energy, fun group exercises isn’t a good fit for you. (Let me be clear: you can absolutely do this class if your body works a little differently than most people’s. This class is accessible to all. What’s not OK is if you want to come to the class and just watch everybody else do the exercises. If you’re here, you gotta be all the way here.)

— You’re only comfortable with learning to tell anecdotes, not high stakes stories. (Anecdotes are the lighter, more surface level stuff. You know, the “I got drunk and got lost” story you tell to friends at a party. High stakes stories are more along the lines of those you tell to someone special to you, in an intimate coffee shop.)

My stories would often ramble, but now I see – REALLY see – the power of editing my stories.

“The class was so fun! There was never a dull moment. Sage is so good at answering our questions and connecting what we’re doing in class to the development of our stories. My stories would often ramble and I never thought too much about it (even when I was heckled while giving a wedding speech) but now I see – REALLY see – the power of editing my stories.” – Omar Khan, workshop participant

autumn of 2019

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A great, judgement free workshop that allowed me to be my weird, creative self without worry.

“I would recommend Sage’s classes to literally everyone. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it is a business pitch, defending your thesis or an anecdote at parties. We could all benefit in learning how to communicate our point more effectively and passionately. The sessions were fun, engaging and challenging. I particularly enjoyed working on structure with her story cards because Sage sneakily got us thinking about editing and content as well. It was a fun way to discover what should be included to enhance the thesis of our stories. Add in playful warm up games focused on emotion and energy and you can’t go wrong! A great, judgement free workshop that allowed me to be my weird, creative self without worry.” Hayley Kellett, The Making-Box, Improv Incubator Director