Mindful Flow and Mental Strategies with Zebib Abraham

Mindful Flow and Mental Strategies for Writing
This workshop will explore the intersection of our mental health and writing. This will include universal challenges in writing, maintaining good writing practices, managing well-being and self-care, as well as challenges around negative thinking, procrastination and writers’ guilt.

We will discuss cognitive distortions around writing, writing expectations, writing goals, mindfulness and healthier writing habits. This will include several exercises to identify and shift negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors around writing and to create more positive ones. We will address productivity, procrastination and guilt, and specific strategies for managing these.We will balance productivity with an acceptance of individual working styles and individual goals. Please note We can discuss individual challenges more broadly but this is not a therapeutic space.

Date Saturday, January 22, 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST

About Instructor
Zebib K. Abraham, M.D. (she/her) is a writer and psychiatrist. She is completing an MFA at University of Edinburgh. She has been published in The Rumpus, Apparition Lit, The Selkie, Midnight & Indigo, and more, with forthcoming publications in Fantasy Magazine and others. She is a staff writer for Spectrum Culture. She is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). She is black, queer, and from an immigrant background.

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Writing Workshop with Tommy Dean: Mighty and Flawed – Characters That Demand Attention

The Mighty and the Flawed: Characters That Demand Attention
Welcome to a generative opportunity to focus on your writing! In this two hour workshop, we will create dynamic characters through action and counterpoint by looking at examples from poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction to find unforgettable characters. In this generative workshop, you’ll find ways to imbue your stories with depth and resonance grounded in specific and unique characters Prompts and example texts will help you discover the characters your poems, fiction, and creative non-fiction have been missing. Our guide will be this quote from Charles Baxter: “Fiction is that place where human beings do not have to be better than they really are, where characters can and should confront each other, where they must create scenes, where desire will have its day, where all truth is beautiful.” Join Tommy Dean in creating characters we won’t forget, by writing in an inclusive and positive environment.

Date Saturday, December 4, 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST

About Instructor
Tommy Dean is the author of two flash fiction chapbooks Special Like the People on TV (Redbird Chapbooks, 2014) and Covenants (ELJ Editions, 2021). He lives in Indiana where he currently is the Editor at Fractured Lit and Uncharted Magazine. A graduate of the Queens University of Charlotte MFA program, he is currently working on a novel. A recipient of
the 2019 Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction, his writing can be found in Best Microfiction 2019 and 2020, Best Small Fiction 2019, Monkeybicycle, and the Atticus Review. He taught writing workshops for the Gotham Writers Workshop, the Barrelhouse Conversations and Connections conference, and The Lafayette Writer’s Workshop. Find him at tommydeanwriter.com and on Twitter @TommyDeanWriter.

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Happy and Hopeful: Writing Lighter, Feel-Good Stories with Jude Higgins

Happy and Hopeful: Writing Lighter, Feel-Good Stories
As a writer, is your default subject matter dark? It’s not surprising given what is going on in the world. In the run up to the Winter Solstice on 21st December, the shortest day in the northern Hemisphere,and the return of the light, we’ll look at examples of happy and hopeful flash fictions and explore how to write feel-good stories with emotional depth.

Date Sunday, December 12, 5 AM EST / 10 AM GMT / 3:30 PM IST

About Instructor
Jude Higgins’ flash fictions have been published widely in magazines and anthologies. Her chapbook of flash fictions, The Chemist’s House, was published by V.Press in 2017. She founded Bath Flash Fiction Award and directs Flash Fiction Festivals UK and the short short fiction press Ad Hoc Fiction. She loves creating events that make people feel happy and sometimes writes fee- good flash fictions herself. @judehwriter judehiggins.com

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