Live Show: High Stakes

“Sage is hands-down the best storyteller I’ve ever seen, she’s the only other story coach that I will work with, and her storytelling show is AMAZING.” – Marsha Shandur, YesYesMarsha

Sage Tyrtle Presents: High Stakes – True Stories That Matter.

What is High Stakes Storytelling? A group of people listening to true stories – the kind with something enormous at risk. Stories curated by Sage Tyrtle.

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Rachel Weinstock
She opens the closet and takes out an imaginary apple. Everything stops.

Cornelius Quirling
“But this town is so BORING” is an excuse the nine cops do not want to hear.

Brian Finch
He’s anxiously awaiting his turn at the mic. The audience has no idea what’s coming.

Martha Chaves
Martha Chaves didn’t go to the mountains to fight injustice. The mountain came to her.

May 24, 7:30 PM

192 Spadina Ave (just north of Queen)
Toronto, Ontario