Live Show: High Stakes

“Sage is hands-down the best storyteller I’ve ever seen, she’s the only other story coach that I will work with, and her storytelling show is AMAZING.” – Marsha Shandur, YesYesMarsha

Sage Tyrtle Presents: High Stakes – True Stories That Matter.

What is High Stakes Storytelling? A group of people listening to true stories – the kind with something enormous at risk. Stories curated by Sage Tyrtle.

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Priyam Brahmbhatt
He said no – even though he could see the gun.

Erin Kang
Fifteen, dating a twenty-one year old, standing at the crossroads.

Juma Perez
They wanted to kill her. She was six.

Ben Soper
Filming a horror movie at his grandma’s retirement home seemed like a GREAT idea.

March 3, 7:30 PM

192 Spadina (just north of Queen)
Toronto, Ontario