True stories, curated by Sage Tyrtle.

Amber Dewar opens with her story: “She thought she had to be exactly like everyone else – and then she joined the field hockey team.” (This is not a story about sports, I promise.)

Sage Tyrtle
I’ll be performing my brand new 30 minute piece, Zablotz.

Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha and True Stories Toronto says: “Zablotz is one of the most moving pieces of storytelling I’ve ever seen. Sage pulls you right into her world as both a kid and a teenager, and made me alternate between wanting to climb onstage and hug her, or wanting to punch the air and cheer. If you’ve ever felt like a misfit. If you ever had trouble fitting in – as a kid, a teen or a grown-up – then this story will move you and stay with you for months, just like it did for me. Absolutely beautiful, essential viewing.”

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July 13, 7:30 PM

192 Spadina Avenue (just north of Queen)
Toronto, Ontario

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