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Every Monday, professional storyteller Sage Tyrtle brings you true stories that matter, the moments from her city she wants to share with you, and stories from her own strange life. Was Brian able to fool the cops long enough to retrieve the wayward package that threatened to send him to jail for years? What happened when Nikki encountered a jealous goose? How did Jess’s fake name give her secret powers? Find out what happens in these thrilling true stories.

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Latest Episodes

Quirky Quiz 1.1: “Robots DO need a special diet, or they can’t pee!”
Every Monday, High Stakes features true stories. But today, join Sasha in Australia, Will in Wales, Shelly in Texas and Sage in Toronto for games like Story Rugby, Just a Minute – and a LOT of laughter. Which bird has an Australian accent? How can you buy a ticket to Analog Land? What’s the target audience for Cuttlefish Ice Cream? The answers to these questions and more in today’s Quirky Quiz. listen

The Red Ink Dripped Evil
Natalie Zed tells us a true story. Her calligraphy set should have been labeled “Fast Lane to Eeeeeeeeevil”. listen

Striking a Match
First, Sage Tyrtle brings you a moment from her city as the storm strikes. Then, Nishtha (Nishtha’s Blog) tells a true story – trying to impress her baby sister was a TERRIBLE idea. listen

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