Crow Collective Online Writing Workshops

Crow Collective presents online writing workshops, by the writing community, for the writing community. What’s coming up?

October 23: Credible: Creating Unreliable Narrators with Lindz McLeod
When used effectively, unreliable narrators can infuse your work with mystery and intrigue, keeping your reader off-balance and on the edge.

November 7: Writing That Resonates with Emily Devane
Stories are a means of communication – but how do we make our words resonate with readers? In this interactive session, Emily Devane will explore how readers respond to the details you choose.

November 13: Writing the Wild: Creative and Narrative Non-fiction That Bites with El Rhodes
Over the session you’ll have the chance to generate a new piece of work which you’ll then be able to develop through several stages until you have a draft that sings on the page.

November 21: Submit Your Stories to Literary Magazines with Sage Tyrtle
The nitty-gritty of finding, selecting and submitting your writing to literary magazines.

December 2021: Registration Opens November 1
December 4: The Mighty and the Flawed: Characters That Demand Attention with Tommy Dean
In this two hour workshop, we will create dynamic characters through action and counterpoint by looking at examples from poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction to find unforgettable characters.

December 12: Happy and Hopeful: Writing Lighter, Feel-Good Stories with Jude Higgins
We’ll look at examples of happy and hopeful flash fictions and explore how to write feel-good stories with emotional depth.

January 2022
January 22: Mindful Flow and Mental Strategies for Writing with Zebib K. Abraham
This workshop will explore the intersection of our mental health and writing.

January 30: In My Beginning is My End with Alison Goodhouse
We will be looking at structure and synchronicity in your fiction; making all the parts cohere to form a satisfying union.

February 2022
February 12: Exploring Imagery in Flash and Short Fiction with Farhana Khalique
In this workshop with Farhana Khalique, we will explore different extracts and writing exercises that focus on unique imagery and building layers of resonance, with a view to developing our own stories.

February 20: Mastering Microfiction with Gaynor Jones
Come and learn how to write the shortest of short stories – the micro.

March 2022
March 12: The Beauty and Power of Sentences with Audrey Niven
Learn how to refresh your writing with sentences that build atmosphere, character, rhythm and story.

March 20: Does Your Form Fit Your Function? Experimenting With Story Structure with Anita Goveas
This workshop will look at the process of turning drafts into experimental pieces, and practice choosing which forms would fit the content and emotional core of your piece.

April 2022
April 16: Rework: Spark Life Into Tired Drafts with Sarah M. Jasat
Dig into different writing techniques to energise tired drafts and write the story you want to write.

April 23: Invitations, Echoes and Explanation: Great Fiction Titles with Anika Carpenter
In this two-hour session we’ll look at examples of titles that work had and work well, discuss our own experiences of ‘title wrangling’ and do some exercises that explore different ways to find the right titles for our stories.