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“When Sage talks, people don’t just listen. They hang on her every word.” – Toronto Star, “The Art Of Telling a Story” [read more]

Everyone has the ability to tell compelling stories. They just don’t know it yet.

Storytelling is wildly personal art form – one that we use everyday for communication with family, friends, strangers and colleagues. It is an essential ingredient when building one’s personal and professional leadership. Storytelling is vital when it comes to connecting to the work we’re doing, and explaining our missions to those around us.

We’ll work on exploring the components of what makes up a great story and connecting personally to what makes a great story for you, and how to tell that story. We’ll practice memorable storytelling exercises to flex your creative, emotional and intellectual storytelling muscles. You’ll come away with greater confidence in your ability to craft your narratives into stories you can’t wait to share.

Fees vary depending on your individual needs. Please contact me to request a quote.

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