Second City Storytelling Show

February 24, 9 PM
$5 general, $2 for students buy tickets

John Candy Box Theatre, 3rd floor
Second City Training Centre
51 Mercer Street (Just south of King, east of Spadina)
Toronto, Ontario

True stories, told by five of the most charming storytellers I know. Want to feel like you are the only person in the room, and the person on stage is your new very best friend? This is the show.

Hosted by Sage Tyrtle.

Marsha Shandur
When your granny has brought you all up, it doesn’t matter if she now’s now too old to feed herself – she’s still the matriarch.

Arianne Shaffer
to be announced

Zeb Pike
Growing up straddling two completely different worlds, Zeb finds his place in both.

Chris Berube
When Chris got his very first job at fifteen, he realized fast that something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Rob Norman
Can you make someone fall in love with you by making the perfect mixtape?