Remember that old diary? The short story you stuck on the fridge? That stuffed toy you carried from room to room?

Listen, laugh and reminisce as special guests share cherished items from their childhood, live on stage. A talented cast of improvisers will then bring these memories to life in a wildly funny, nostalgic improv set.

Think of it as show and tell… for adults!

This month’s “CAST From the PAST”:

Cassie Barradas
Carly Watt
Linda Julia Paolucci
Matt Folliott
Quentin Matheson
…and more to come!

Our featured Storytellers are:
Sage Tyrtle
Sally Smallwood
and one more to come!

With your cute as a button host and perpetual Mama’s girl, Susan Debreceni

Facebook Event

May 11, 8 PM

Comedy Bar (cabaret space)
945 Bloor Street West (just west of Ossington)
Toronto, Ontario