What’s the novella about?

You don’t want to love David Walker, the main character of Sage Tyrtle’s delightful novella, The King of Elkport. David is a man who uses his money to buy people, to buy experiences he needs at the expense of everyone else. He’s a man seeking redemption and his insistence that money should be able to buy happiness creates havoc for everyone else. But at his heart, David is looking for acceptance, for people to love him the way he was before he became a member of the uber-rich elite. And it’s this need that makes David so relatable even as he spirals deeper into his delusion that if only he throws enough money at it, he can find that acceptance. This novella is absolutely compelling and the way the author slips right into the main character’s voice and brings him to life so genuinely makes the world of “Fake Elkport” come alive. — Finnian Burnett (The Clothes Make the Man)

Paperback: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in., 68 pp

Novella Trailer

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