Four Stories I Loved Reading: August 16 – 22

These are four stories I loved reading.

Machine Love by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill in Flash Fiction Online
“My neighbor spreads a blanket on his grease-stained garage floor, easing down with a grunt…” My partner apologizes to the robot vacuum and says please when he asks the digital assistant to play music. He is definitely going to fare better than I will in the robot wars. Or maybe Joy Kennedy-O’Neill is right, and THIS story is our future…

Being a Zombie by Florence Heap in Maudlin House
“When I wake up I want to eat people and that’s literally all I want…” There is SO MUCH JOY in this zombie story. I read it twice.

Revival Season by Monica West on Simon & Schuster
“We rumbled toward Georgia from the west, the direction from which all great and powerful things originated…” The characters in this book are so multi-faceted. I understood why every single person, even the most awful, made the decisions they made, because Monica West created them with such intelligence and empathy.

Does Your Tattoo Mean Something? by Deirdre Danklin in Nashville Review
“At night, my neighbors’ tattoos come to me and spill all their secrets…” What would your tattoos say if they could talk? Deirdre Danklin knows, and it is funny and heartbreaking.

Join me next week, for four more fantastic stories.