Submit Your Stories Workshop with Sage Tyrtle

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The nitty-gritty of finding, selecting and submitting your writing to literary magazines.

What will be covered in this workshop?
We’ll talk about the steps involved in a strong submission, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. How to properly format your file, find the right place for your writing, and how to write the kind of cover letter editors are happy to see. The types of rejections and acceptances, paid vs. free submissions, and much more.

Do I need to have a piece ready to submit?
Nope, no prep needed.

Who is teaching this workshop?
My name is Sage Tyrtle. I’m a professional storyteller, and I’ve been teaching workshops for the past ten years, helping my students tell resonant, strong, effective stories. My stories have been featured on NPR, CBC, and PBS. I’m a Moth StorySLAM winner. You can read my written work in Pithead Chapel, Bending Genres, and Cheap Pop, among others.

When does this workshop happen?
September 12 at 10 AM EST / 3 PM BST.

How long is the workshop?
This workshop runs two hours.

How is the workshop presented?
This workshop is online, live, and interactive. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to keep their video cameras on, as online events are much more fun when we can all see each other.

We’ll gather on Google Meet, which is very similar to Zoom and has built-in closed captioning. I will send you the link for the workshop by September 11.

What do your students say?

“Sage gives you the tools and encouragement, then steps away and lets people discover and learn. Everyone in the class was lovely, and Sage did a great job making sure everyone felt comfortable and fun.” – Erin Kang, Founder of Stories of Ours

“Thank you for giving us a night to remember. You are a true professional, gifted and talented. Thank you for inspiring us, making us think differently and pushing us to be better communicators.” – Wendy Kauffman, Brown & Cohen Communications

What is the Crow Collective?
Crow Collective workshops are by the writing community, for the writing community. The prices are low so they are more accessible, and there are two free spots (if needed).

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