Four Stories I Loved Reading: July 5 to July 11

Every week, I’ll introduce four stories that I loved, that stayed with me, that took me somewhere new.

Rabbit by Yunya Yang in Fractured Lit
“Years ago, his mother brought home a rabbit…” That’s all I can say without spoiling it but oh, friends, this story is ELEGANT.

Embryonic Star by Mandira Pattnaik in Splonk
“The impacts took place between the 16th and 22nd July, 1994, when your dad must’ve been orbiting on elliptical paths between the NICU and me on my maternity ward bed…” In 323 words, Mandira gives us a world of story.

When I Speak Why Do I Become More Invisible by Carrie-Jade Williams in Brevity
“(capital)The average woman says a minimum of (number) 1 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number 0) words a day (period)(capital) Spoken (period)(capital) Expressed (period)(capital) Gobbled up by the world(period)…” Carrie’s words are vanishing but the ones she gives us are so fucking powerful.

Gender Reveal Box, $16.95 by John Wiswell in Fireside Fiction
“Many customers ask: How can such a thing be confined inside an affordable box? That is a trade secret…” I finished this story and realized that I was involuntarily clapping. May it affect you the same way.

Join me next week, for four more fantastic stories.