Four Stories I Loved Reading: June 28 to July 4

Every week, I’ll introduce four stories that I loved, that stayed with me, that took me somewhere new.

Holidays with Ma by Zahirra Dayal in Opia
“We laugh so hard we have to clutch our stomachs when the woman dances around the trees and her elaborate outfits keep changing…” Zahirra Dayal takes the reader to Zimbabwe for a weekend, to laugh with her grandmother one more time.

Olivia by Jo Withers in The Molotov Cocktail
“After their mother left when the children were toddlers, I erased her from their memories completely and replaced her with Olivia Newton John…” Jo Withers’ imagination made me crow with delight. I can’t tell you anything else without spoiling it.

Then I Remember by Elena Croitoru in Flash Flood (originally published in Bath Flash Fiction)
“Tomorrow, I will be the same age my father was when I last saw him. I’m looking at a photograph of him naked from the waist up, his back against the white porcelain tiles of our balcony…” Elena Croitoru brings news reports about Lebenon into sharp, painful focus.

Babies, Because by Sarah Freligh in Flash Flood (originally published in Spelk)
“We had them because the rubber broke while hot and heavy in the backseat of the drive-in…” Sarah Freligh reminds us how dramatically things have changed in the last fifty years.

Join me next week, for four more fantastic stories.