Four Stories I Loved Reading, June 21-27

Every week, I’ll introduce four stories that I loved, that stayed with me, that took me somewhere new.

Define a Good Woman by KB Carle in Waxwing
“Wilma Flintstone washes dishes made of stone with water that shoots from a mammoth’s blue trunk…” KB Carle weaves reality with the Flintstones in a way that makes you feel equally for both. I know. I didn’t think it was possible either BUT IT TOTALLY IS.

Flat Earth Theory by Munira Tabassum Ahmed in MoonPark Review
This quiet moment between two human beings who could not be more at odds has stayed with me since I read it. Munira’s is a voice to watch for. Remember, I said it first!

The Lunchbox by Susmita Bhattacharya in Bandit Fiction
“Every day the dabbawallas ferry about 170,000 dabbas across the island city…” Susmita Bhattacharya brings a statistic into full-colour life, making me want to read the novel version of this story so I can dive further into her world of the dabbawallas.

I Will Relax in the Next Life by Lucy Zhang in Milk Candy Review
This story begins: “You know the story: office worker gets hit by a truck, gets reborn as the villainess in a fantasy world…” Yes, it’s as good as it looks! If only Lucy Zhang had written The Blue Fairy book instead of horrible old  Andrew Lang.

I can’t wait to see what glorious writing is in store for the next week. Join me again.