Sage Tyrtle on the Creative Pulse Podcast

Looking for an awesome new podcast? Look no further than The Creative Pulse. On each episode host Angela de Burger connects with people who are fired up about expressing themselves by imagining, experimenting and creating. I’m on this week!

Creative Pulse Podcast says: “NEW EPISODE! Some people can tell the most amazing stories – the kind that pull you in, make you think, laugh, or bring tears to your eyes. You can’t do anything but listen with rapt attention.

Sage Tyrtle is a special kind of storyteller. She creates profound connections with audiences as they listen to her personal, expertly-crafted and engagingly-presented stories. Her talents have been recognized internationally and she’s performed all over the world.

She’s won the Moth StorySlam multiple times, the Moth’s Eastern Grand Slam, appeared on the PBS show “Stories From The Stage”, featured on NPR, CBC Radio, MacLean’s magazine and the Toronto Star.

On this episode, we chat about her personal storytelling style, how she connects with an audience, and what techniques make a storyteller really effective.”

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