Have Fun At Home: Create a Live Choose Your Own Adventure

Because we’re all at home for the duration, I created a real life Choose Your Own Adventure for my partner, Todd. Want to know how to create your own? This works for someone in your household or online friends.

1. Create a goal that the Adventurer is working towards.

Example: My Adventurer had to find a little plastic duck.

2. Decide how the Adventurer meets their goal.

Example: I hid the little plastic duck in a dresser drawer, and then towards the end of the game I made “look in the dresser drawer” an option.

3. Make a list of 10 fun and silly tasks – in the flowchart, the green boxes.

Example: My Adventurer sang a song to a cat, made a smiley face with almonds, and re-created one of his favourite movie scenes.

4. Make a list of 10 chores around the house – in the flowchart, the red boxes.

Example: My Adventurer cleaned the bathtub. (He was good at avoiding the chores – he didn’t choose “clean the windows” or “mop the living room floor.”)

5. Use the flow chart pictured below to set up your adventure. (I’ve filled in some of my own tasks as an example.)

6. It’s time to start the game. Give the Adventurer a choice between two places in the house – in the flowchart, the white boxes. (The very first choice  should both have a fun task associated with them so the Adventurer isn’t immediately doing a chore.)

Example: My Adventurer chose between looking in the toaster, or looking under his desk.

7. When the Adventurer chooses a place (white box), look at the box associated with it. If it’s green, give them the first fun task on your list. If it’s red, give them the first chore task on your chore list.

Example: The task associated with the toaster was to make a face with almonds.

8. When you’re ready for the game to end, start giving the Adventurer the choice that will give them their goal. (You can also have a Game Over task, but that’s up to you.)

Example: The duck was in a dresser drawer, so I gave “look in the dresser drawer” as a task. But I also gave “look in the silverware drawer”, which was my Game Over task – if my Adventurer had chosen that one, he’d have not only lost, but he’d have also had to clean the toilet inside and out!)

You can watch the Adventure unfold!

Watch part one

Watch part two

Have a fantastic time, and feel free to ask if you have  any questions about how to set yours up. For more Have Fun At Home ideas, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.