That Time I Cried All The Way Home

So I spend March working on my new piece, Zablotz. And in it I say everything that I wish someone had said to me, when I was a teenager and had no friends at all and every day was lonelier than the one that came before.

And a hundred times I think, “Why am I even bothering? Who wants to hear what I have to say?” but I keep on working, day after day.

On March 26, I am on stage performing Zablotz. I say the last words and I bow. I step off the stage, and a 17 year old girl comes up to me. She whispers, “I just want to say thank you. For what you said.” I ask if I can give her a hug and she nods.

When I get outside I tell my partner Todd what happened and I burst into tears. I cry on the sidewalk and on the subway and on the bus, I cry all the way home. I cry so much that two women glare at poor Todd, which makes me giggle and then cry again even harder.

Your stories are so powerful. Tell them.

I’ll be performing Zablotz as part of Stories About Women TONIGHT, October 18. Click here to grab your tickets.