5 Best Teaching Moments: You Can Do It

5 Best Teaching Moments: today, number 4. I’m teaching at a college and my student is trembling. The last thing in the world he wants to do is perform for 30 seconds in front of the class. (But it’s a college, and it’s required.)

He takes a deep breath, begins to speak, then falters again and again. I tell him he can perform after the break and he rushes to sit down. And then the young woman sitting next to this kid says, “I know you can do it. I’ll stand next to you while you perform.” Never met this shy, quiet kid before in her life, but – “Let’s go in the hallway to practice.”

After the break, he stands up, takes a deep breath, begins to speak – and performs for the full thirty seconds. The class goes insane. Clapping, whooping, “WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!”

And the kindness in that room is so full and so deep that my heart is bursting with it.

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