Storytelling Tip: Bring Your Story Alive

Today’s free storytelling tip is about bringing life to our stories. Often we can tell that the words we’re saying could be more interesting, but how? Have a look at this sentence:

“My girlfriend proposes, I say yes.”

It’s boring. This life-changing event has been turned into a six word snoozefest. If we’re in the audience and this is what we hear, we are not in that person’s shoes. We are not experiencing it along with them. We don’t even care what the answer to the proposal is.

So – how come?

Because narration doesn’t involve the audience. Scenic storytelling does. And to tell scenically, all that’s required is that you tell the audience what was actually going on in the moment.

“We’re at Glow In The Dark Minigolf and I’m two points ahead. My girlfriend keeps almost hitting her golfball and then stopping, and there’s five goth teenagers behind us who are beginning to mutter ominously, and she suddenly drops her golfclub, goes on one knee, and says, ‘Will you marry you? I mean, ME? AUGH! Will you marry me? Will you marry me.’ And I shout, ‘YES!’ and all the goth kids start clapping like crazy and I totally call my mom.”

Now the audience is in the storyteller’s shoes, which is exactly where we want them to be.

How can you apply this to your own storytelling? Simply find a moment of narration and tell us what was going on in the moment instead.

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