Storytelling Tip: Chess Playing Hamsters

Two million people sit down at their computers every single day and write a post for their website about their lives. And some of those posts are transcendent and beautiful, but the majority are written too fast, with very little care.

Which is a fantastic bonus for us. Because we get to fix them. Here’s how to do it:

1. Look up something you’re interested in, and add the word “blog”. Like: “chess playing hamster blog”.

2. Look through the search results until you find one that’s atrocious. Incoherent, run on sentences, lots of information you don’t care about (it’s CHESS PLAYING HAMSTERS, what’re these two paragraphs about Grandpa’s gout doing in here?)

3. Choose the longest entry.

4. Now you’re going to rewrite that entry with three goals in mind:

First, what is the point of this entry? Why does a Chess Playing Hamster fan want to read it?

Secondly, what supports the point of the entry? Cut out everything that doesn’t support the point (like Grandpa’s gout).

And your third goal is this: be specific. Turn sentences like “And the hamster, I don’t know, sort of won, I guess?” into “The brown hamster’s eyes suddenly lit up. She moved purposefully towards the rook and nudged it three spaces to the right. Then ran to step on the ‘checkmate’ button and the audience went WILD.”

How does this apply to you? Now that you’ve fixed someone else’s writing, use those three goals to spruce up your own.