Storytelling Tip: You Are Not Alone

“Everyone has a true story to tell that matters.” We’ve all heard this sentence before, and it’s absolutely true. But here’s the second half: not everyone is willing or able to tell THEIR profound and compelling true story.

So what makes a profound and compelling true story? What’s the story that people will still be thinking about a month from now?

A friend of mine (who gave me permission to tell his story) grew up with alcoholic parents. His father worked nights, and would stop every day on his way home to pick up two six packs of beer. And then, at 7 AM, his mother and father would plow through the cans of beer until there was only one left. Then they’d have a screaming fight over whose can of beer that was.

And though it was upsetting, and awful, and a horrible way to start every single day right before he had to go to school, he gritted his teeth and got through it alone without telling anybody. It wasn’t until he moved out that he started talking to the other kids in his neighbourhood and found out that almost everyone’s family had some variation on that story. But what he’d found out earlier? What if those kids had told their stories to each other and then to adults who could help?

Knowing we are not alone in our experiences can unequivocally CHANGE OUR LIVES.

How do you choose your own profound and compelling true story? The one people will still be thinking about a month from now?

Give your audience this gift: you are not alone. You never were.

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