Plundercats The Musical: True Stories Hijacked by Comedians

One of the things I love most about producing shows in Toronto is that I get to produce the shows I really really want to see. And Plundercats The Musical is DEFINITELY one of those shows.

What is Plundercats? True stories, hijacked by Toronto’s best comedians. But THIS time, the Plundercats take on Rachel Allen’s (Raw Storytelling) true story and then MAKE UP A MUSICAL ABOUT IT. And oh my god, guys, the songs these very funny people make up on the spot are tremendous. Check out this cast – featuring:

Ashley Botting
Carly Heffernan
Hayley Kellett
Rob Norman
Rob Lewin
Cameron Algie
Andrea Marston

With polymath Rory Grant on the keyboard.

Tickets: $13 ($16 at the door) – buy here