Stories You Have Never Heard Before

I was reading a non-fiction book about North Korea and thought, “WHAT? This is practically the folktale Snow Queen!” And I began to write a piece, intertwining the two stories. Then I procrastinated. FOR EIGHT YEARS.

But when the opportunity to tell a story at the 2018 Toronto Storytelling Festival presented itself, I grabbed it. And “Snow Queen in North Korea” was born. Want to see the show? On June 14, join me and acclaimed storyteller Sarah Abu-Sharar for two stories you have never heard before.

You know how you have stories about your Grandma? Sarah’s family stories go back FOUR HUNDRED YEARS. I know. And from the first moment I heard Sarah speak I knew I wanted to work with her. At this show, I will tell “Snow Queen in North Korea” – weaving together the folktale Snow Queen with real history from 1970s North Korea. Directed by Ashley Comeau.

Then, the astounding Sarah Abu-Sharar tells “A Day Like Any Other” – the story of an honour killing of a 16 year old girl, that took place in the Hebron Hills more than 160 years ago. The story focuses on the strong stance one man took for the girl after her death and the generosity of Bedouins who took him in. The story takes place in Palestine and Jordan.

Advance tickets are $10 ($15 at the door). Buy tickets here.

More Info
June 14, 2018: 8 PM
Facebook Event
Social Capital Theatre, 2nd floor
154 Danforth Avenue (at Broadview)
Toronto, ON