Secrets Grannies Know


When my son was two months old he began to sob his heart out at exactly 6 PM every single day without fail. You could set a clock by this kid.

He was dry, he was fed, he was being held, it didn’t matter. The seconds hand hit the top, it was six p.m., and he would begin to wail non-stop for hours.

We were bewildered. We had absolutely no idea at all what to do. We lived the day in dread of the witching hour.

And then one day, my mom Kite was upstairs with the screaming baby. She was walking him back and forth when – suddenly – at 6:04 PM, he stopped crying.

I crept upstairs, and saw him gazing with intensity into Kite’s eyes. She was singing him Queen’s “Princes of the Universe” as if it were a lullaby full of love. And in that moment, it was.

“Here we are,” she sang. “Born to be kings, we’re the princes of the universe…”

Want to know more about Kite? My solo show, Boxes Buried Deep, is running November 14 – 16.

Who wins when a crazy old lady battles a Princess? A true story.
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November 14: 8 PM
November 15: 4 PM and 8 PM
November 16: 4 PM and 8 PM

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