Five Year Old Me


My solo show, “Boxes Buried Deep”, includes many different characters. But it was Child Sage, me at five years old, that I was struggling with the most in rehearsal. I kept her shy and meek and cringing, and nothing was working. When my partner Todd saw me rehearsing, he said, “Why not be who you really were when you were five?”

I scowled and told him that I was DEFINITELY shy and meek and cringing, after all, I was THERE, and he said, “Okay, but just try being loud and opinionated, and see how that feels.”

So I did. And I found five year old Sage, and she felt true and good.

About two weeks later I found an audio tape of myself as a little kid, and I popped it into our thrift store boombox. And whose voice did I hear coming out of the speakers? That loud and opinionated kid Todd knew I had to have been.

No wonder it felt so right.

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