Click: Hidden Dragon

Click: true moments. Stories too short for the stage.

Bathurst and Bloor. Storybook blue sky.

The small sixty year old woman sits in her wheelchair in front of the CIBC Bank, her scratchy voice singing

spare change spare change spare change

just as it does every day and the traffic roars by in an endless stream and pedestrians collect with their backs to her, waiting to cross, and then a long haired man crouches over her wheelchair. She giggles.

I think, at first, that he’s kissing her.

He crouches over her, his arms braced on the wheelchair armrests, and slowly, carefully, lights her cigarette with his. It’s so intimate I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t be watching at all.

They grin at each other, and he lopes down the street.

As I cross she begins her chant again.

spare change spare change spare changesparechangesparechangespare

Photo Raul Lieberwirth

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