Overheard: Tricksy

I overheard two women talking in a burger shop.

FIRST WOMAN: So what did she tell you?

SECOND WOMAN: She’s very interested in the house. VERY interested. She’s invested and wants to stay there.

FIRST WOMAN: But what about Ron?

SECOND WOMAN: Well. She says, first of all, that you need to end your relationship with Ron.

And I was like, oh, it’s a lawyer and client. Ron must be the Soon To Be Ex-husband, and “she” is the new girlfriend.

FIRST WOMAN: Really. You know, I wondered if she would. Because my relationship with Ron has been so poisonous.

SECOND WOMAN: She knows. She says that you need to end it as soon as possible.

FIRST WOMAN: I will. I will. She’s so right about this.

And I thought, wow, she sure respects her Soon To Be Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend’s opinion.

SECOND WOMAN: She says that Ron is lying to you and that something terrible will happen.

FIRST WOMAN: And what about the drawings in the basement?

SECOND WOMAN: She says that someone is practicing witchcraft down there, and that if you don’t end it with Ron the impending disaster will be beyond your worst imaginings.

FIRST WOMAN: Wow. Wow. This is so important, thank you. So – is that happening right now?

SECOND WOMAN: She says it will happen.

At which point I realized it wasn’t a lawyer/client conversation at ALL but a PSYCHIC/client conversation!

FIRST WOMAN: I’m going to call Ron as soon as we’re done and we’re over. I’m so glad that she told me this.

At which point I really wanted the dynamic to be: two friends, and one started pretending to be a big ol’ psychic about a month ago because none of her dire warnings about the Horribleness of Horrible Ron had had any effect, but she knew her friend was a giant sucker and would go for Gertie The Victorian Scullerymaid’s opinion…

Photo Stu Spivack

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