Teaser Trailer: Boxes Buried Deep Solo Show

I play many different characters in my upcoming solo show, but one of my favourites is Teen Sage. (Yes. Yes, everything I say in this teaser trailer is true. Yes, Kirk Cameron. Yes, ALL OF IT. It’s because I trust you that I share these mortifying moments with you.) Watch the teaser trailer:

Coming in November! Five show run of “Boxes Buried Deep”. Written and performed by Sage Tyrtle, produced by Laura Anne Harris. Photography by Zoe Gemelli.

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“‘Boxes Buried Deep’ is by turns disarmingly honest, incredibly moving and charmingly funny. Sage Tyrtle is a masterful storyteller – do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see her hour-long solo piece.” – Marilla Wex, “Reign”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Panic Button”

“Sage has the audience in the palm of her hand from minute one. Do not miss this beautiful, sad, funny and romantic show.  Sage Tyrtle is a national treasure.” – Erin Rodgers, “Tales Of…” Co-Producer

“HOW do we tell you that you were amazing last night? How do we tell the world, THAT IS HOW YOU TELL A STORY! Good job, Sage Tyrtle. Good job.” – Natasha Boomer, “Supperfesta”