Overheard: Booking It

I overheard a young man talking on the streetcar.

YOUNG MAN: I don’t know. I guess her apartment fell through or whatever, so she’s been living in her car. She doesn’t have a job, so I don’t know how she – eats? But she’s been stealing gas, I do know that. Yeah, she, like, takes her plates off, she goes to the gas station, fills up her car, then, you know, books it. She was like, “Can I come over and take a shower at your place?” and I was like, um, go to the pool, it’s free, and you can stay until nine. Ugh. I mean, it’s great you’re moving to the city and all, but, like, come with a HOME. And a JOB.

Or, you know, she could move to a city with better friends.

Photo Clyde Robinson

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