Overheard: 14 Grand

I overheard a man talking on his phone on the streetcar.

It all worked out okay, yeah. You know, Sarah asked me for all the alcohol I had so I wouldn’t drink it. … She did. … She didn’t want one of the days in court to go bad, you know, and then I come home and – yeah, it felt good. It felt really good, Sarah caring about me like that. It’s been a really long time since anyone cared like that. … It went good. 14 grand. I know. Sarah said the most they EVER give in a criminal malpractice suit is 25, so that means about two thirds of the – huh? … Well, I guess they believed me, huh? So they gave me a check and I went to the bank and deposited it but then the ATM said I didn’t have anything in my account, not even a dollar. I went back and said, “Listen. I’ve been banking with you for twenty years. I need some money to get home, you know?” … Right. Right. … The guy’s really nice, actually. He gave me $150, that’s all I needed. … I do, actually. I do. And then I go to Nova Scotia. I’m thiking of buying a motorcycle and going out there. … Yeah. I’m gonna visit my grandma’s grave. … Right.

And I wanted to say to him, you know, that I was glad that he wans’t going to blow his 14 grand on vodka or whatever, but – I wish you had something planned that was a bit more, you know, fun.

Photo Sharon Drummond

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