Mr. Rogers-Smythe


What if Mr. Rogers were British?

Hallo, little kiddies. It’s time for Mr. Rogers-Smythe’s Neighbourhood.

Today, we’re going to talk about FEELINGS. Feelings are important. There are good feelings, and there are bad feelings.

Like – when you see a picture of the Queen you feel good. Or when you’re six years old, and your Mummy and Daddy send you away to boarding school all by yourself. That makes you feel bad, right?

Remember what we do, when we feel something?

Here’s Feelings Tiger. Hallo, Tiger. It’s time for you to get locked up in a cage! Hop in! I’m going to lock all seventeen padlocks! Stop whinging, Tiger. Stop it I said. STOP STOP STOP!

Whoops! I bonked Feelings Tiger on the head again. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this time. Now you’ll know better than to cry, though, won’t you, Tiger?

When your own Feelings Tiger creeps into your head, you’ll know just what to do, kiddies. Remember to throw the keys into the river, so you don’t get temped to let Tiger out!

Come back next week. We’ll be talking about how lying is always okay, if it means you escape a confrontation. Because confrontations lead to FEELINGS. And we don’t want that, do we?

I hear your Mummy calling – I think it’s time for tea!

Be good, and remember: the best present you can give your Mummy and Daddy is your big happy smile. Crying will make you weak, and if you’re weak people will pick on you. And you know what happens when people pick on you? You lose countries.

You know why we lost India? BECAUSE YOU CRIED.

So you just think about that, children. Goodnight.

Photo Rob Knight